Your will is one of the most important documents that you can sign to make the life of your heirs a little bit easier after your death.

What will happen if you die without a will?

  1. You will die intestate and your estate will be devolved in terms of the Intestate Succession Act and not according to your will!
  2. A guardian will be appointed on behalf of your minor children, and this person may not be your choice.
  3. Your minor children’s inheritance will go to the Government’s guardian’s fund and not to your own testamentary trust with the powers, conditions and administrator as determined/appointed by you.
  4. An executor will be appointed by the Master of the High Court to administer your estate and not an executor of your own choice.

Let Wills Factory draft your Will and/or Testamentary Trust for you to reflect your own wishes regarding the inheritance of your loved ones.

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