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Free Will

Free Instant Will
This Complimentary Will is generated online and instantly, and is intended for persons who have a simple bequest in terms of the devolving of their estate with no complex instructions, requirements or estate planning needs.
Free Email Assistance

Feel free to ask for guidance or any questions you may have regarding your Free Will by writing to, or by using our contact form.

Delivered Electronically

Your Will is generated online and delivered as a downloadable PDF document, to be printed for signing.

Personal Safekeeping

You are responsible for storage and safekeeping of your Will, and for informing your beneficiary and executor thereof.

Own Executor or Wills Factory

You may appoint Wills Factory or any other Executor of your choice to preside over the administration of your estate in the event of your death.

Instructions RE Mortal Remains
Not available
Appoint Guardians & Trustees
Not available
Nominate Multiple Beneficiaries
Not available
Additional Notes/Requests
Not available
Assets & Liabilities Register
Not available
e-Vault Virtual Document Storage
Not available
Advanced Professional Advice
Not available
FREE - No Registration Fee

The Free Will requires no registration fee to be paid.

FREE - No Subscription Fees

The Free Will requires no recurring subscription to be entered into.

Who Is the Free Will For?

The Free Will is for the individual with an uncomplicated estate, typically someone who is just starting out in life and who realises the importance of safeguarding the inheritance of his/her loved ones. The Testator typically:

  • requires a simple will to bequeath his/her estate to one beneficiary only;
  • does not want/need to appoint guardians for minor and/or disabled children;
  • does not require testamentary trusts for minor or incapacitated beneficiaries;
  • is not in business;
  • is not a party to a trust;
  • does not have offshore assets;
  • does not have any specialised/custom requests/bequests.

Advanced Will

Advanced Will

Unlike the Complimentary Will, the Advanced Will is not generated online. Instead the Will is drawn up and personalised for you by a legal professional, to perfectly suit your testamentary requirements and the unique nature of your estate, after a telephonic consult at a time that’s convenient to you.

Free Telephonic Consultation
Our expert legal advisors are a phone call away for advice/direction with regard to your will.
Delivery & Collection

Once your Will has been drafted by our legal specialist, the document is emailed to you for signing. Upon notification by you that the Will has been signed, we’ll dispatch a courier to collect the document.

Secure Storage & eVault

The original copy of your signed Will is stored in our secure storage facility until needed for administration of your deceased estate, or until superseded by another. A scanned version of the Will is also stored in your personal eVault on our website where it’s available for you to download or share with a third party.

Own Executor or Wills Factory

Because of the vast experience (over 120 years) of our Legal Partners, STBB, in the execution of wills and the administration of deceased estates, we strongly suggest that you appoint us as the executors of your will. Nevertheless, you are free to appoint any other party as the Executor of your estate, bearing in mind that the Master of the High Court will in all likelihood not approve an appointment if the nominated person is not qualified or experienced in this field.

Instructions RE Mortal Remains

Leave instructions regarding your mortal remains – whether to be buried, cremated or donated to science/medicine.

Appoint Guardians & Trustees

The Advanced Will makes it possible for you to appoint guardians for your minor and/or disabled children, to care for them in the event that you don’t have a surviving spouse. You can also appoint trustees to administrate testamentary trusts for your minor and/or incapacitated beneficiaries.

Nominate Multiple Beneficiaries

You can nominate more than one beneficiary, and specify both legacy inheritance (items such as houses, cars, furniture, equipment, collections, art, money etc. that you want specific beneficiaries to inherit as is) and remainder-of-estate inheritance (after expenses, fees and legacy item distribution if applicable).

Additional Notes/Requests

When completing the Advanced Will Instruction Form you are able to add additional notes for our legal specialist to be aware of and/or to implement in your Will, such as information regarding business/offshore assets etc.

Assets & Liabilities Register
Add and/or edit a register of your assets and liabilities. Keep it up to date and it will be available to Wills Factory when it comes to executing your will. This makes the administration simpler and could significantly speed up the execution of your estate, to the benefit of your heirs.
e-Vault Virtual Document Storage

Keep information and/or documents safe online and available to you, your will Executor and/or your surviving loved ones.

Advanced Professional Advice

Advice and strategic planning around:

  • guardians and guardianship
  • the implications of donations
  • saving on estate duty
  • testamentary trusts
  • insolvency of heirs
  • usufructuary interest
R1,250 Fee, Once-Off

The Advanced Will costs a mere R1,250 once-off. That, for a Will that’s custom made to suit your unique estate (no templating), is very inexpensive.


Should you wish to amend your will after some time, you can do so at a discounted fee.

Who Is the Advanced Will For?

The Advanced Will is for the individual with a more complicated estate, typically someone who is more established in life and who realises the importance of safeguarding the inheritance of his/her loved ones. The Testator typically:

  • requires a detailed will to bequeath his/her estate to one or more beneficiaries;
  • might want to appoint one or more guardians for minor and/or disabled children;
  • possibly requires one or more testamentary trusts for minor or incapacitated beneficiaries;
  • might be in business;
  • might be a party to a trust;
  • possibly has offshore assets;
  • might have other specialised/custom requests/bequests.

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Estate Preservation Plan

Why You Need This

Did you know that it’s downright expensive to die these days? Expenses start mounting right away: Government Gazette advertising costs, funeral expenses, conveyancing fees, rates and taxes, Master’s fees, executor’s fees, taxes, sundry debts, medical costs, maintenance & accrual claims – these are the things that cause around 30% of deceased estates in South Africa to be declared insolvent with no benefit to the heirs whatsoever. To add insult to injury, the deceased’s loved ones instead end up forking out to settle debts in the estate!

Initial Expense Benefit

A cash lump sum of up to R50,000 is paid to your heirs within 24 hours of providing us with your death certificate. You decide how much this lump sum should be and you can change it as your circumstances change.

Executor's Fee Benefit

A lump sum is paid to your late estate to fund the cost of an executor, whether you nominate a professional or not. This amount can be a maximum of 3.5% (+ VAT) or the value of your estate.

Estate Shortfall Benefit

A lump sum is paid out to your late estate that the executor can use to pay for all the costs related to winding up your estate. You decide how much this should be and can change it as your circumstances change.

Monthly Expenses Benefit (+)

This is an Optional Extra Benefit. When you die your bank accounts will be frozen and your dependents won’t be able to access your money. For absolute certainty that they can cope with the routine costs of living while your estate is being wound up, this benefit provides 12 monthly tax-free payments.

Enhanced Liquidity Benefit (+)

This is an Optional Extra Benefit. In cases where your estate is set to attract high costs, you’ll need additional liquidity. This benefit pays a lump sum into your estate over and above the Estate Shortfall Benefit to cater for these expenses and liabilities.

Cover and Contributions

The Estate Preservation Plan is an underwritten product with age and other factors taken into account. Contributions are therefore calculated on an individual basis for each application.

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Estate Liquidity Calculator

The Estate Liquidity Calculator helps to provide a clear picture of the current status of your estate – whether your beneficiaries will inherit that which you have envisaged for them, or whether they might end up having to settle the debts in your estate. 

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