About Wills Factory


Wills Factory (Pty) Ltd is a company that was formed after many years of local and international market research and analysis, leading to the successful development of a true online will solution. Today we provide online Wills and Estate Protection solutions and services to residents of South Africa, to address the dilemma facing families of individuals who die without wills and/or with insolvent estates. Our aim is to simplify the process of a will by making it easy and available online. We have experts at hand to assist with legal advice around wills, trusts and estates whenever needed.

Our objectives are to make South Africans aware of:

  • the seriousness of intestate administration of a deceased estate (when your estate is handled by the Master of the court because of the absence of a valid will);
  • curbing the ever-increasing prevalence of insolvent deceased estates (estates become insolvent because of unexpected and often-neglected debts and expenses – this happens innocently more often than not and way more than most people think, even in some cases where estate planning has been done!).

Our Estate Protection Plan is an insurance cover that not only covers funeral expenses but all the estate related expenses so that heirs and next of kin can have peace of mind.

Our in-house team of legal experts possesses all the knowledge and expertise to ensure that every citizen’s legacy is protected.

The Wills Factory Estate Protection Plan is a Product of Myfin Financial Services (Myfin1237 Financial Services (Pty) Ltd, Registration no. 2012/205235/07, FSP no. 44462, a sister company of Wills Factory) and is underwritten by Clientele Life, a formidable South African insurer.

We are also proud to be associated with Legal Alliance Inc, a specialist estate law firm located within the same premises.

Allow Wills Factory to give you the peace of mind that your estate is solvent and that your loved ones’ inheritance is secure.

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